The GOOD Directorate
is pleased to bring you quality collaborations as part of our
Creative Customer Engagement Programme.

For easy enjoyment of our new collaboration media, please consult this
Customer Value Enhancement Product (CVEP):*

Link to Album on Bandcamp

Winning is the Best Medicine

The GOOD Directorate Difficult Decisions Bureau has carefully considered all the (60 plus) entries into the Creative Customer Engagement Programme and has found the following three entrants to be of superlative quality:

  • Offspring Of Mars with Biomatrix One-One-Seven
  • Trance Ninja with Bio-devolutionary Virus
  • Christopher LaChance with Death By Cake

Salutations, collaborators! You win things! Please allow 999999 days for delivery followed by a deduction of credits.

Show your support for their Excellence In The Creation of GOOD Directorate Customer Value Enhancement Experiences by commenting and following their Sounds on the Cloud.

Runners Up

It was noted that the following entrants were also worthy of esteem for Excellence Outwith the GOOD Directorate Briefing Policy, in that their creations were deemed Excellent, but not quite in the style of the required Customer Value Enhancement Experiences:

  • Permafrost with Radiant Landscapes
  • Craig Johnson with Drowning

*Requires a compatible Neural Interface. credits have been deducted.
Have a really very excellent day. :TU:DU:DU: